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types of hoa meetings

5 Different Types Of HOA Meetings Explained

There are different types of HOA meetings, each one with a specific purpose. Understanding the function of these meetings and what goes on in them is critical to both board members and homeowners. This will allow board members to conduct meetings more efficiently and homeowners to identify which meetings they should attend.   What Is…

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memorial day weekend activities

7 Memorial Day Weekend Activities For The Community

This coming holiday, homeowners associations everywhere are gearing up to throw fun Memorial Day weekend activities for residents. These activities help spread the feeling of patriotism and community, strengthening the bond that residents share. And while you can certainly get creative, there are some classic Memorial Day activities that achieve this goal every time.  …

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full service management

The Myth Of Full Service Management

Many homeowners associations mistakenly believe that they require full-service management for smooth operations. However, this kind of mindset might cause associations to overspend on an expense they don’t even need.   What Is Full Service Management? Full-service HOA management refers to professional management performed on-site. With a full service management setup, an HOA manager typically…

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checks and balances in your HOA

How To Practice Checks And Balances In Your HOA

Practicing checks and balances in your HOA is a good way to protect the association’s funds, but not many boards even know where to begin. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure you keep your finances in check.   The Importance of Establishing Checks and Balances in Your HOA Homeowners associations deal…

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rising hoa insurance rates

What Can Your HOA Do With The Rising HOA Insurance Rates

Every homeowners association should make sure it has sufficient insurance coverage. But, with rising HOA insurance rates, many are finding it difficult to keep up without causing significant financial strain to their bank accounts.   Understanding the Phenomenon of Rising HOA Insurance Rates The HOA insurance market has been experiencing a notable shift within the last…

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hoa insurance update

9 HOA Insurance Risks To Prepare For

A competent HOA board should evaluate their community’s exposure to HOA insurance risks and include them in their next update. While some risks are easier to identify, there are other uncommon ones that you shouldn’t neglect. It is easy to dismiss the more uncommon risks, as they are less likely to happen. However, this type…

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easter dessert recipes

5 Easter Dessert Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

They say dessert is the best part of any meal, especially on holidays. This Easter, make an effort to wow your family by preparing one of these Easter dessert recipes.   Tasty Easter Dessert Recipes You Won’t Forget No matter how full you are after a meal, there always seems to be room for dessert.…

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hoa and ada compliance

HOA And ADA Compliance: Is An HOA Required To Comply?

Whether you are a board member, an HOA manager, or a homeowner, it is essential to understand the legal requirements placed upon HOAs. Here’s what you need to know about your HOA and ADA compliance.   Understanding HOA and ADA Compliance Serving on the HOA board can be a rewarding experience. You get to make…

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