HOA Consulting Services

Homeowners associations need help in one form or another, but not all HOAs can afford to hire a full-service management company. What’s the next best thing? HOA consulting.

Managing an HOA Is Not Easy

Homeowners association management demands the completion of a multitude of responsibilities on a daily basis. This includes accounting, collections, homeowner communication, violations management, maintenance, and the like. 

Professionally managed associations don’t need to carry such a heavy weight thanks to management companies. But, self-managed associations don’t have the same luxury.

Oftentimes, self-managed HOA boards struggle with the various duties required of them. After all, board members are just volunteers, which means they don’t always have the necessary background or expertise needed to perform HOA tasks. Unfortunately, without proper management, homeowners associations can quickly fall to ruin.

Remote or Full Service HOA Management

What Clark Simson Miller Can Do for You

Clark Simson Miller offers HOA consulting services to homeowners associations of all sizes. Our team of experts are available for consultations on anything — from financial management and insurance to covenant enforcement and back-office administrative work.

General HOA Management

Our general HOA management consultation services include:

  • Ensure compliance with federal and state laws
  • Assist with the formulation of strategies for effective covenant enforcement
  • Create and distribute newsletters
  • Prepare agendas and notices for board meetings
  • Help with writing requests for proposals (RFPs) for vendor selection
  • Review of HOA documents
  • Gather and organize all HOA documents
  • Process architectural requests
  • Offer general advice to the board and committee members

Accounting & Financial Consultation

Our accounting and financial consultation services include:

  • Assist with budget preparation
  • Dues, invoice, and collections processing
  • Come up with effective collection strategies
  • Reserve analysis and planning
  • Help prepare financial statements
  • Tax preparation (federal and state)
  • Review insurance policies and provide recommendations
  • Provide general accounting support

Legal and Risk Consultation

Our legal and risk consultation services include:

  • Risk management and review
  • Provide legal services and counsel
  • Assistance with escrow processing
  • Process estoppels

The Best Consulting Service for HOAs

Clark Simson Miller offers remote HOA management services and consultations to community associations far and wide. We are dedicated to making association management for self-managed boards and even professionally managed associations. With a team of highly trained managers and support staff, years of experience, and advanced technological resources, we can guide your community every step of the way.

Clark Simson Miller serves a variety of communities including but not limited to: self-managed associations, HOAs, condo associations, property owners associations, and planned unit developments.

Call us today at 865.315.7505 to learn more about our HOA consulting services or contact us online to request a free proposal.

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