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tax exemption for hoa

Is There A Tax Exemption For HOAs? How To Apply For It?

Not every board member knows there may be a tax exemption for HOA communities. After all, not everyone is aware of HOA-related laws and legal processes. However, homeowners associations should remember this as it may impact their community’s finances.   Tax Exemption for HOA Communities Many homeowners only care about whether or not HOA fees…

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hoa raise dues

Can An HOA Raise Dues? Should The Homeowners Approve This?

Can an HOA raise dues? It’s not an uncommon occurrence among homeowners associations. There are legitimate reasons for it as inflation rises and the cost of goods and services increases. But, it must be handled carefully as it’s often a source of conflict within HOAs.   Can an HOA Raise Dues? In the United States,…

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working on labor day

Is Working On Labor Day A Good Idea?

Are you working on Labor Day? Labor Day is a federal holiday, and most employees get time off from work on this day. While Labor Day weekend is often spent with family and friends, there are some people who spend this holiday at work. Whether or not you should do the same, though, depends on…

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hoa conflict resolution

HOA Conflict Resolution: Addressing Conflicts Fairly

Proper HOA conflict resolution is necessary for successfully managing a homeowners association. However, too many board members are left without direction when faced with disputes. Fortunately, some proven tactics can help even the most inexperienced HOA board deal with conflicts, whether they are conflicts between homeowners, board members, or a mix of the two.  …

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hoa capital improvement

How Can An HOA Capital Improvement Project Benefit Your Community

An HOA capital improvement can tremendously impact the appearance and quality of life in your community. However, too many HOA boards don’t even know what a capital improvement project is. They confuse it with maintenance work and, therefore, mistakenly use the wrong funds to pay for capital expenditures. Board members should familiarize themselves with capital…

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open meeting act

Open Meeting Act: Is Your HOA Following This?

The Open Meeting Act is an important aspect of establishing an effective HOA. It may not apply to every homeowners’ association in the US, but it is worth understanding. The law has many implications for HOAs. Moreover, understanding it can be helpful to conduct more productive meetings.   What Is the Open Meeting Act? The…

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types of hoa meetings

5 Different Types Of HOA Meetings Explained

There are different types of HOA meetings, each one with a specific purpose. Understanding the function of these meetings and what goes on in them is critical to both board members and homeowners. This will allow board members to conduct meetings more efficiently and homeowners to identify which meetings they should attend.   What Is…

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