Person having a remote meeting using a laptop | HOA remote meetings

HOA Remote Meeting Options In The Time Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many businesses to redefine the way they hold meetings. Homeowners associations are not exempt from this. Because board members make decisions during board meetings, most HOAs are concerned about halting operations amid the outbreak. But through HOA remote meetings, your HOA can continue to run without hindrance.   In this…

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aerial view of a city with the sea behind | HOA Maintenance vs. Capital Improvement

HOA Maintenance vs. Capital Improvement: What Makes Them Different?

What are capital improvements, and how do they differ from HOA maintenance costs? Given that both terms deal with community assets, there seems to be some confusion between them. Knowing the difference between capital improvements and HOA maintenance is important — especially when allocating expenses in your annual budget. Here’s an in-depth explanation that will…

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business people discussing and using pen to poin on documents | what do hoa fees cover

What Do HOA Fees Cover?

Homeowners association fees are collected in most — if not all — planned residential communities. If you’re thinking about joining one, it’s normal to ask questions like, “What are HOA fees?” and “What do HOA fees cover?” In this article, we will provide an in-depth explanation of HOA fees and what they are used for…

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man writing on graph report while using calculator | budget for a community association

9 Things To Consider When Planning A Budget For A Community Association

A homeowners association budget is essential for the success of your community, but HOA budget planning isn’t easy. You need to organize your finances to cover all maintenance costs, capital improvement projects, and other community expenses. A proper community association budget keeps property values high and ensures the well-being of your residents. Here are important…

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woman discussing and pointing at laptop while the other is writing notes | budget transparency

Why Is It Important To Practice Budget Transparency In Your HOA?

When you create your next community association budget, you will likely make some decisions that are unpopular with certain members of your community. To avoid unnecessary conflicts with community members, it is important to make residents feel like they are included in the budget process. Practicing budget transparency makes residents feel important and limits potential…

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aerial view of a community | hoa mean

What Does HOA Mean?

About 350,000 communities have HOAs in the United States. HOA stands for homeowners association. It refers to residential properties that are governed by a board of directors. In HOAs, residents are expected to follow rules and regulations. It’s easy to understand the HOA definition; however, there’s more to it than the question, “What does HOA…

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skyscrapers with mountains in the background on sunset | types of HOA management

5 Types Of HOA Management

Developers usually enlist the help of an outside company to manage a new community. However, at a certain point, the management responsibilities are passed on to a board of elected officials. It is then their responsibility to figure out a management style. Unfortunately, many HOA boards aren’t aware of their options and simply continue to…

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man pointing at graph financial report on laptop in a team meeting | hoa financial management services

How Can HOA Financial Management Services Benefit Your Community?

Self-managing your own HOA finances is a fairly difficult undertaking. Successful HOA finance management requires a certain level of expertise and experience. For that, look to HOA financial management services.   Why Hire HOA Financial Management Services? It can be tempting for HOA board members to try and handle all aspects of association management themselves.…

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