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memorial day food

5 Memorial Day Food Ideas For A Fun Cookout

There are plenty of Memorial Day food options you can prepare for a truly fun and unforgettable experience. If you want to impress your guests with a home-grilled menu with a tasty dessert, this is the list you’re looking for.   The Best Memorial Day Food Ideas for Your Celebration Memorial Day is just around…

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rising interest rates affect an HOA

How Can Inflation And Rising Interest Rates Affect An HOA

Rising interest rates affect an HOA significantly, both when it comes to borrowing money and depositing funds into a bank account. Board members should be aware of the impact of the economy on the association’s finances. This will allow them to manage their funds with prudence, make wise decisions for their community, and keep the…

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self-managed hoa problems

Top 10 Self-Managed HOA Problems

Homeowners associations come in all shapes and sizes. Some are professionally managed, making it easier for their HOA boards to make decisions and protect property values. Others, however, rely purely on volunteer board members to run the community. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, self-managed HOA problems do accompany it.   Self-Managed…

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risks of self-managed hoas

What Are The Top Risks Of Self-Managed HOAs?

Many board members neglect the risks of self-managed HOAs. These risks can put an entire association in jeopardy, threatening not only its operations but also its funding. It is important to understand these risks so that board members can avoid them. Alternatively, HOA boards can decide to switch to professional management.   The Most Notable…

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hoa insurance deductibles

What Are The Best Ways To Allocate HOA Insurance Deductibles?

In recent years, allocating HOA insurance deductibles has become a top priority among community associations. This is largely due to the increase in premiums, which associations are struggling to keep up with. While insurance can be a tedious issue, it’s one that associations can’t afford to neglect. After all, insurance plays a crucial role in…

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What Is The HOA Reserve Funds FDIC Limit?

What Is The HOA Reserve Funds FDIC Limit?

Homeowners associations would do well to stay within the reserve funds FDIC limit. Doing so can help the community protect their funds and remain financially healthy. But, what exactly is this limit and is it truly important? Let’s find out.   What Is the FDIC? The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency…

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corporate transparency act

What Is The Corporate Transparency Act? Does It Apply To HOAs?

The Corporate Transparency Act is a relatively new law that has just taken effect. It has major implications for corporations across the country. Does it apply to community associations? Moreover, does it matter whether they are incorporated or unincorporated? Let’s find out.   The Corporate Transparency Act Explained In 2021, Congress passed the Corporate Transparency…

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buggiest state in the U.S.

What’s the Buggiest State In The U.S.?

Knowledge of the buggiest state in the U.S. is crucial in pest control, particularly for homeowners associations. This information is pivotal for shaping effective pest control strategies and addressing specific bug problems within communities. Which states have it the worst? And what kind of pests are the most undesirable among Americans?   What Is the…

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hoa saves money

10 Realistic Ways An HOA Saves Money

Typically, an HOA saves money by cutting back on all expenses, but this is not always practical. It is essential to look at the HOA’s budget, identify items where the association is overspending, and adopt strategies to ensure financial health. Saving money is essential in current times when inflation and costs seem to be rapidly…

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hoa fines

HOA Fines: What Are You Paying For And Should You?

Homeowners will often face HOA fines when they violate the community’s rules, but are these fines necessary? What are they for, and should homeowners pay them? In this article, we break down everything you need to know about these monetary penalties.   What Are HOA Fines? Homeowners associations typically collect HOA fees to pay for…

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