accessory dwelling unit

Important California Laws To Protect HOA Owners Related To Accessory Dwelling Units & Religious Decorations On Doorways

When deciding to relocate to a new state, it is important to be constantly aware of new legislation that is going into effect related to your housing circumstances. This is also important for established residents to remain informed about their housing development and what protections they have. This is particularly true in California where recent…

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What Does HOA Mean? 

What Does HOA Mean? Many communities have HOAs in the United States. HOA stands for Home Owners Association and they are located in many diverse parts of the United States. Recently, there have been several disputes surrounding them that could have easily been avoided if they were better organized, transparent, and more fiscally responsible. If…

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What Is an HOA?

What Is an HOA? A homeowners association or HOA is an organization overlooking neighborhoods within a community or subdivision. The association creates and implements rules for the residents. People who purchase property within the jurisdiction of the HOA will automatically become members. Like any other organization, there is a monthly fee for homeowners associations. Fees…

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What is a COA?

What is a COA? A COA or Condo Owners Association is an organization that oversees, regulates, and maintains condo properties. This includes the building itself, the parking lot, lawn, playground, etc. The COA creates and implements rules for the residents and their condo units. People who purchase a unit under the jurisdiction of a COA must…

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How to Manage a Self-Managed HOA

Finding Help for Self-Managed HOA There are many benefits to self-manage an HOA. Obviously, it is much cheaper than hiring a full-time property management company, and the association board of directors has much more control over the community. But many community associations are still hesitant to either remain self-managed or leave their management company. The…

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HOA Bookkeeping Best Practices

There are many HOAs located all over the United States. Regardless of their size or location, they all require strong financial management. External management services benefit communities large and small. They enable the HOA to focus on more community-based activities. HOA Bookkeeping is an essential aspect of association management. HOAs that have efficient bookkeeping practices…

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delinquent payments

Delinquent Payments

  Delinquent payments are one of the hardest things to deal with as an HOA board because you may be dealing with people who are your friends and neighbors. Although there are certainly strategies for avoiding delinquent payments, every board will likely encounter this problem at some point. Here are a few ways to avoid…

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Budget Planning

Budgeting Tips

End of the Year Budgeting Tips With the end of the year quickly approaching, it is time to put the finishing touches to the year’s budget and start preparing for the new budget. Your yearly budget is one of the most important considerations of the year. As such, to help your HOA succeed as you…

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hoa board members training

Training for HOA Board Members

Several states have already passed laws regulating the licensing of association managers and other states have been considering legislation. Now, one county of Maryland is taking things a step further. Effective January 1, 2016, Montgomery County is requiring that board members receive training and certification. All residential common ownership communities, including homeowners’ associations, condominiums, and…

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