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hoa saves money

10 Realistic Ways An HOA Saves Money

Typically, an HOA saves money by cutting back on all expenses, but this is not always practical. It is essential to look at the HOA’s budget, identify items where the association is overspending, and adopt strategies to ensure financial health. Saving money is essential in current times when inflation and costs seem to be rapidly…

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hoa fines

HOA Fines: What Are You Paying For And Should You?

Homeowners will often face HOA fines when they violate the community’s rules, but are these fines necessary? What are they for, and should homeowners pay them? In this article, we break down everything you need to know about these monetary penalties.   What Are HOA Fines? Homeowners associations typically collect HOA fees to pay for…

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hoa fees increase in 2024

Buckle Up: Possible Huge HOA Fees Increase In 2024

As the new year rolls around, one thing is on everyone’s mind: Will HOA fees increase in 2024? Homeowners are likely gearing up for what’s ahead, planning their finances, and drawing a budget, especially after spending a lot over the holiday season. Similarly, HOA boards are set to prepare an annual budget for their associations, but…

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hoa demand fee

What Is A HOA Demand Fee? How Does This Affect Selling A Home?

Selling your home can be long and arduous, especially if you belong to a homeowners association. There are several things you must consider, including the HOA demand fee. This fee is vital in any real estate transaction involving an HOA community. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with this fee and what it entails for a smooth…

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homeowner association complaints

Homeowner Association Complaints: The Right Steps To Handle Them

Dealing with homeowner association complaints is typical in managing an HOA community. Board members should know how to handle these complaints when they arise. In doing so, they can keep residents happy and foster a harmonious neighborhood — all while ensuring the association’s protection from liability.   Should the Board Address All Homeowner Association Complaints?…

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hoa reserve fund laws

HOA Reserve Fund Laws For Every State

Some states have HOA reserve fund laws that regulate community associations when it comes to funding and study requirements. Apart from avoiding potential liability, homeowners associations and condominiums should follow these laws for their own good. Maintaining an adequately funded reserve account is imperative to the financial health of an association.   What Is an…

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easy thanksgiving side dishes

9 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Go Well With Turkey

When you’re busy preparing an entire turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing you want to do is slave over complicated side dishes, too. Fortunately, there are many easy Thanksgiving side dishes you can make that won’t take too much of your time. This holiday season, make preparations a breeze with these simple yet tasty side…

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