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institutional investors in hoas

Institutional Investors In HOAs: Good Or Bad?

Large-scale investors prefer to buy up properties in homeowners associations. But, do institutional investors in HOAs have a positive or negative effect on the community?   Institutional Investors in HOAs: What They Do Institutional investors are entities that accumulate funds to buy real estate and other assets. Within the context of homeowners associations, institutional investors…

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hoa fee discounts

HOA Fee Discounts: Should They Be Given?

Many HOA boards struggle to collect fees and consider giving discounts as a way to encourage on-time payments. But, are HOA fee discounts even a good idea?   Are HOA Fee Discounts Advisable? Homeowners agree to abide by the association’s rules — including paying HOA dues — when they first move into the community. But,…

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request HOA financial reports

Can Homeowners Request HOA Financial Reports?

As a homeowner living in an HOA community, it is only natural for you to want to know that your association is doing well financially. To that end, you might want to request HOA financial reports. But, is that even possible?   Are Homeowners Allowed to Request for HOA Financial Reports? The short answer is…

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Hoa insurance review

How To Conduct An HOA Insurance Review And Why Do It?

Every now and then, a homeowners association should perform an HOA insurance review. This review helps protect the association and keep it in good financial shape.   The Importance of an HOA Insurance Review Proper insurance coverage is essential to any homeowners association. Once you have all the necessary policies in place, though, you can’t simply…

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hoa and covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccines: Can The HOA Require Them?

As vaccines continue to roll out and cities continue to relax restrictions, many homeowners associations have the same question in mind — can you require residents to get vaccinated? The answer is not that simple, though. Here is what you need to know about your HOA and COVID-19 vaccine as a requirement.   HOA and…

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hoa board continuity planning

HOA Board Continuity Planning: Is Your Community All Set?

HOA board continuity planning is an important part of association management, though many fail to give it the attention it requires. Learn how to plan for the continued effectiveness of your HOA board below.   HOA Board Continuity Planning for Self-Managed Communities Homeowners associations usually fall under one of two categories: Self-managed communities and professionally…

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hoa resale certificate

What Is A HOA Resale Certificate? What’s It For?

Buying or selling a house within a homeowners association is not always easy. There are several moving parts involved, including having to provide a resale certificate. But, what even is an HOA resale certificate in the first place?   What Is an HOA Resale Certificate? An HOA resale certificate provides the buyer with important information…

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fidelity bond

Why Your HOA Needs To Have Fidelity Bond Coverage

Like any organization, homeowners associations are vulnerable to crime and theft. While establishing internal controls can certainly help ward off fraud, these controls are often not foolproof. This is where fidelity bond coverage comes in handy.   What Is Fidelity Bond Insurance? Simply put, a fidelity bond is an insurance policy that protects a homeowners…

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form 1099 misc

Why Do HOAs Need To File Form 1099 MISC?

Tax season is always hectic and confusing, especially if you have no experience with it. Like many other organizations, homeowners associations also need to file Form 1099-MISC, even if you are classified as a non-profit. Learn more about this important IRS form below.   What Is IRS Form 1099-MISC? Your homeowners association operates like a business…

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