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HOA Remote Meeting Options

HOA Remote Meeting Options In The Time Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many businesses to redefine the way they hold meetings. Homeowners associations are not exempt from this. Because board members make decisions during board meetings, most HOAs are concerned about halting operations amid the outbreak. But through HOA remote meetings, your HOA can continue to run without hindrance.   In this…

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HOA Financial Reports

HOA Financial Reports: What Every HOA Board Member Should Know

Managing and overseeing the finances of your HOA should be one of the board’s main priorities. That said, many HOA board members may not have experience with HOA financial reports. If you still have questions about financial reports of your association, here’s what you need to know.   HOA Financial Reports and The Board’s Responsibility…

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6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Outsource

6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Outsource HOA Accounting

As volunteers, HOA board members are not always able to sufficiently manage their responsibilities, either because of a lack of expertise or due to time constraints. One of these responsibilities is to handle the financials of the association. A good way to make sure you are covered, financial management-wise, is to outsource HOA accounting services…

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