Financial Management for HOAs

Expert Financial Help for Associations

Financial Management Services

Our main goal at CSM is to ensure the financial strength and stability of your community. Having this stability and understanding your financial position are both vital and critical to overall success.

We offer financial management experience that helps to build both short and long term value for your community. The security of the association financial position is our top priority. We have and maintain high security process and measures and the most secure financial standards.

In a perfect world, all homeowners association boards would be made up of accountants, lawyers, and managers. More often than not, though, HOA boards consist of inexperienced community volunteers — volunteers who work 9-to-5 jobs and are full-time parents.

And while most aspects of running an association require some level of skill, it’s financial management that stumps a majority of board members.

Financial Management for HOAs

Our Accounting and Financial Management Services include:

  • Complete financial reporting package customized for your association
  • Detailed owner payment and delinquency record on a monthly basis
  • Internal controls to protect association funds
  • Payment of all bills approved by Board from association funds
  • Monthly bank statements and reconciliation to the Board
  • Billings sent to homeowners, including regular assessments, late fees, special assessments and collection fees
  • Preparation of annual budget to be approved by Board and distributed to homeowners
  • Assist auditor chosen by the association for tax and audit preparation
  • Timely preparation of reports and forms for governmental agencies including employer tax forms and 1099’s
  • Trained collection department to work on all delinquent accounts and coordinate with the Board and association’s attorney
  • Establish and maintain reserve accounts

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