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What Does HOA Mean

What Does HOA Mean?

About 350,000 communities have HOAs in the United States. HOA stands for homeowners association. These are residential properties with a board of directors that enforce community rules and regulations. It’s easy to understand the HOA definition; however, there’s more to it than the question, “What does HOA mean?” Here’s a detailed explanation of homeowners associations…

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HOA, POA, And COA: The Differences

HOA, POA, and COA: many aspiring homeowners get confused with these acronyms. Many owners have to decide whether they want to work with any form of HOA, POA, or COA when they are trying to find a new place to live. Read here to learn more about these different types of associations.   HOA, POA…

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Understanding An HOA General Ledger

Understanding An HOA General Ledger

A homeowners association must keep track of its financial transactions to accurately report and assess its financial health. In order to do this, you must have a central location and an organized procedure for recording your finances. Enter the HOA general ledger.   In this artcle: What Is a HOA General Ledger? The Importance of…

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