Client Profile

Other Features Include:

At CSM our Client Profile is diverse. We work with all types and sizes of Associations.

Here is a list of the types of communities we represent:

  • Single Family / Master Planned
  • Condominium
  • Lofts
  • Townhomes
  • High and Mid Rises
  • Golf Communities
  • Mixed Use / Commercial
  • Active Adult / Age Restricted
  • REIT / Investment Properties
  • Developer Controlled Communities

Below are the 3 main type of clients that consider CSM and the common reasons they switch to us:

Self-Managed Communities – The Board of Directors with mostly or all volunteer staff handle all the functions of the community including financial and administrative management. These communities sometimes have trouble finding volunteers who can invest the time needed to continue to self manage.

Others want to build separation between the Board of Directors and the homeowners with sensitive issues like violations and collections. Some associations consider management to assist with maintenance and management of records and legal matters and provide consistency to the management of their records as board members change. No matter the reason, we are here to help and assist your self managed community in the transition to CSM.

Communities With A Management Company – Communities of all types rely on a management company to provide a wide variety of services. Professionally managed associations switch to CSM for a variety of reasons. Boards realize they are doing more and more work and can reduce their costs with CSM. The association ends up paying for services that are not needed or could be handled by volunteers.

Other associations have experience poor service with a management company and do not receive the level of support the association needs. They turn to CSM for administrative and financial support and the board continues to provide more of the on-site and vendor management functions.

Many communities are able to reduce costs by up to 50% versus the current full service company in place. By partnering with CSM, the association is able to have a professional company handle much of the activities that most Board of Directors would rather not be involved in.

Large Scale Communities or Staffed Communities – These associations have management and administrative staff on-site to assist with the management of the community. These associations would prefer to outsource the accounting and some administration and leave the management staff in place. This allows a more consistent approach to the financial management of the community and helps them avoid having to train and re-train hourly accounting and administrative staff when turnover occurs. Having CSM in place allows a more professional approach to many of the day to day functions that don’t require senior level management staff to be involved.

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