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HOA accounting reports

HOA Accounting Reports You Should Know That Are Not Financial Reports

Many homeowners associations focus on the operational side of community management. But, the financial aspect is just as important. And one of the ways to evaluate the financial health of the association is through HOA accounting reports.   What Are HOA Accounting Reports? Simply put, HOA accounting reports are compilations of accounting and financial information for…

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CC&Rs expire

Do CC&Rs Expire?

Your HOAs CC&Rs is one of the most important documents that govern your association. However, it could’ve been written so long ago that its content may not be applicable anymore to the current times. Worse, there is a possibility that your HOAs CC&Rs expire. Let’s talk about that more here.   Do CC&Rs Expire? Homeowners…

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architectural review board

Planning To Improve Your Home? The Architectural Review Board Will Tell You What’s Allowed Or Not

Most homeowners associations establish an Architectural Review Board to maintain the aesthetics of their communities. Homeowners living in such communities should be aware of the process of obtaining approval from this board before starting any home improvement plans.   The Role of the Architectural Review Board in an HOA Community Homeowners associations are known for…

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fireworks in an HOA

Should Fireworks In An HOA Be Allowed or Banned?

Fireworks are a Fourth of July staple. But, should the board allow fireworks in an HOA? Learn the ins and outs of enforcing rules on fireworks in a planned community.   Fireworks in an HOA: Good or Bad? The Fourth of July commemorates the Declaration of Independence and the Thirteen Colonies officially breaking free from…

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hoa collection policy

HOA Collection Policy: How To Make And Enforce It

An HOA collection policy is integral to the success of any homeowners association. Without such a policy in place, board members will find it difficult to collect past-due fees, thereby putting the association at risk of financial ruin.   What Is an HOA Collection Policy? An HOA collection policy is simply an internal policy that…

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federal laws regulate HOA

Federal Laws That Regulate HOA Communities

It is no secret that federal laws regulate HOA communities in more ways than one. Therefore, board members and HOA managers should make sure to familiarize themselves with these laws to avoid potential liability.   What Are the Federal Laws That Regulate HOA Communities? Homeowners associations operate in much the same way as non-profit corporations.…

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fair housing

What Does Fair Housing Mean For Your HOA Community?

Fair housing is an often-discussed topic among leaders and managers of homeowners associations. But, what does it even mean? And how should homeowners associations respond to fair housing laws?   What Is the Fair Housing Act of 1968? The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), enacted in 1968, prohibits housing discrimination based upon a person’s race,…

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