Why Select CSM?

Expert Community Financial Assistance


HOA Accounting Value

We are driven by technology and process. This allows us to be more efficient and provide these savings to our clients. Based on our experience, we are able to reduce our clients management costs by up to 50% versus traditional management solutions. We can also help self-managed boards save time and reduce their workload.


Experience with HOA Financial Management

Many clients wonder why having a CPA or bookkeeper would not serve the same purpose as a company like CSM. HOA and condominium associations face unique and difficult challenges from reserve funding, asset management, and local and state legal complaint’s. Because we specialize in this specific industry we are able to provide a unique approach to these important challenges and provide proven solutions and results that benefit those associations that partner with us.


Proactive HOA Financial Management

Another important feature of being proactive is communicating in a timely and clear manner that insures boards are up-to-date on important information regarding the community and finances. Helping our clients create a roadmap to community success includes considering proactive measures that must be taken to avoid possible pitfalls that may arise in the future.


Technology for HOA Accounting

We leverage the power of technology to go to work for you. Our custom management software provides board members direct, real-time access to their data 24/7/365. Homeowners have direct access to information online and can pay their dues online via credit card or e-check / ACH. We can also create websites and e-mail newsletters for your community.

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