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hoa bad debt

What Is HOA Bad Debt? Is Exposing HOA Debtors Legal?

Just like any other organization, homeowners associations can also suffer from bad debt. But, what exactly does HOA bad debt look like? And would exposing the association’s debtors solve its problems?   What Is HOA Bad Debt? In business, bad debt is a monetary amount that a debtor owes a creditor. It is deemed a…

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HOA holiday decoration

HOA Holiday Decoration Rules And Guidelines

For many homeowners, the holiday season is the time of the year when they can show off their creativity and decorate their houses to their liking. Whether that means putting up an inflatable Santa Claus on the roof or something else entirely is completely at their discretion. For planned communities, though, it is not uncommon…

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hoa board mass resignation

HOA Board Mass Resignation: What Happens Now?

It is not uncommon for a board member to step down from their position in a homeowners association. But, what happens if all HOA board members resign simultaneously? Is an HOA board mass resignation even permitted?   Is an HOA Board Mass Resignation Allowed? Homeowners associations are run by a set of volunteer members elected…

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creating thanksgiving decoration | thanksgiving activities for homeowners

9 Thanksgiving Activities For Homeowners To Foster Community Camaraderie

Thanksgiving is here, which means celebrations are afoot. Homeowners associations should take this time to organize Thanksgiving activities for homeowners to promote a sense of community. When residents feel like they belong, they are more likely to be happy.   Thanksgiving Activities for Homeowners to Strengthen Community Bond Community camaraderie is important to an HOA for…

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HOA Quorum

What Is An HOA Quorum? Is It Good Or Bad?

A lot of homeowners associations find it hard to reach an HOA quorum. Does that mean quorums are bad and need to be eliminated? Is that even a possibility?   What Is an HOA Quorum? A quorum is the minimum number of members required to be present at a meeting before the HOA can conduct…

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breach of confidentiality in hoa

Breach Of Confidentiality In The HOA: What To Do?

A breach of confidentiality in HOA communities is a serious offense, and one that can come with significantly dire consequences. If you encounter such a problem in your association, it is important to know how to proceed.   Breach of Confidentiality in HOA: Understanding Your Fiduciary Duty In homeowners associations, the subject of confidentiality is…

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tenant lease agreement

How Important Is A Tenant Lease Agreement For The HOA?

A tenant lease agreement is just as important to a landlord as it is to a homeowners association. Without one, a number of legal complications can arise.   What Is a Tenant Lease Agreement? A lease agreement is a contract that legally binds a landlord and a tenant. It serves as proof of the relationship…

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illegitimate hoa board

What Is An Illegitimate HOA Board?

Due to concerns over not being able to hold elections, many associations are facing an issue over something called an illegitimate HOA board. But, what exactly makes a board illegitimate?   What Is an Illegitimate HOA Board? At the helm of every homeowners association sits a group of members known as the HOA board. While…

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hoa elections

HOA Elections 101: Your Complete Guide

Most homeowners associations go through an election season for board members. Here is everything you need to know about HOA elections.   What Are HOA Elections? Every homeowners association is run by a set of volunteer members from the community known as the HOA board. In most associations, members are nominated and then elected into positions.…

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architectural review committee

HOA Architectural Review Committee: Who Are They?

Most homeowners associations have an architectural review committee. But, what exactly does this committee do? Do they hold absolute power over architectural changes in the community?   What Is an HOA Architectural Review Committee? An architectural review committee (ARC) consists of members responsible for maintaining the architectural standards of the association. Most homeowners associations have…

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