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hoa demand fee

What Is A HOA Demand Fee? How Does This Affect Selling A Home?

Selling your home can be long and arduous, especially if you belong to a homeowners association. There are several things you must consider, including the HOA demand fee. This fee is vital in any real estate transaction involving an HOA community. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with this fee and what it entails for a smooth…

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homeowner association complaints

Homeowner Association Complaints: The Right Steps To Handle Them

Dealing with homeowner association complaints is typical in managing an HOA community. Board members should know how to handle these complaints when they arise. In doing so, they can keep residents happy and foster a harmonious neighborhood — all while ensuring the association’s protection from liability.   Should the Board Address All Homeowner Association Complaints?…

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hoa reserve fund laws

HOA Reserve Fund Laws For Every State

Some states have HOA reserve fund laws that regulate community associations when it comes to funding and study requirements. Apart from avoiding potential liability, homeowners associations and condominiums should follow these laws for their own good. Maintaining an adequately funded reserve account is imperative to the financial health of an association.   What Is an…

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easy thanksgiving side dishes

9 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Go Well With Turkey

When you’re busy preparing an entire turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing you want to do is slave over complicated side dishes, too. Fortunately, there are many easy Thanksgiving side dishes you can make that won’t take too much of your time. This holiday season, make preparations a breeze with these simple yet tasty side…

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remove an hoa board member

How And What Grounds To Remove An HOA Board Member?

Homeowners typically have the option to remove an HOA board member when the right conditions are met. While removing a board member can be an effective way to ensure the continued success of an HOA, it should not always be the first choice. If that time comes, though, homeowners and board members alike should know…

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how much hoa fee is too much

How Much HOA Fee Is Too Much? Is Yours Too High?

How much HOA fee is too much? This is a question that board members, homeowners, and potential buyers ask a lot. While paying fees does come with the territory, it does not mean that associations can charge exorbitant amounts as they please. Similarly, homeowners should not expect their HOA to charge low fees, as fees…

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hoa budgeting process

HOA Budgeting Best Practices Every HOA Should Follow

Proper HOA budgeting is an association’s first defense against financial trouble. When an HOA has a clear and specific game plan, operations flow much smoother. Unfortunately, not all board members know how to budget for their HOA community. Several factors are to consider and some key actions that may get overlooked.   What Is an…

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tax exemption for hoa

Is There A Tax Exemption For HOAs? How To Apply For It?

Not every board member knows there may be a tax exemption for HOA communities. After all, not everyone is aware of HOA-related laws and legal processes. However, homeowners associations should remember this as it may impact their community’s finances.   Tax Exemption for HOA Communities Many homeowners only care about whether or not HOA fees…

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hoa raise dues

Can An HOA Raise Dues? Should The Homeowners Approve This?

Can an HOA raise dues? It’s not an uncommon occurrence among homeowners associations. There are legitimate reasons for it as inflation rises and the cost of goods and services increases. But, it must be handled carefully as it’s often a source of conflict within HOAs.   Can an HOA Raise Dues? In the United States,…

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