CSM provides HOA accounting and back office support to hundreds of associations across the country. Our services help save associations thousands of dollars each year and reduce the workload of the volunteer Board. Connect with us and learn how a partnership could benefit your association.


Financial Management for HOAs

Our main goal at CSM is to ensure the financial strength and stability of your community.

Back Office

Back Office Services for HOAs

Our Remote Management Service offers a hybrid approach that allows board members to self-manage while having the support of a professional company.


Collection Services for HOAs

Our goal is to mitigate account receivable issues and build programs that helps monitor and maintain progress over time.


Insurance Services for HOAs

Insurance can be one of your community’s largest expenses, our goal at CSM is to help you find ways to control or reduce that cost overtime.


Homeowner Communication in HOAs

CSM provides a portfolio of options that make it easy to keep your association residents informed and involved.

What We Provide

CSM offers a unique approach to assist associations with full service HOA accounting and back office services. Our Remote Management Service offers a hybrid approach that allows communities to have the support of a professional association management company. We offer the benefits of a full service management company at a fraction of the cost.

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Who We Serve

With hundreds of clients in almost every state in the US, CSM provides a wide portfolio of service options to a diverse client base, from a small self-managed community to a large scale community who outsources the accounting functions. We have the experience and knowledge to help your community no matter the need or size.

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Why Select Us

CSM offers your community a full menu of services at an affordable rate. Most of our clients experience savings of up to 50% compared to the current full-service model. Those clients who are self-managed find that they are able to focus on more important association concerns while saving time and energy for their volunteers.









Lets Get Started

Contact us and Let’s Talk:
Our staff of professional managers will talk with you to uncover your needs and ensure we can provide the level of service that you want. Once reviewed, we can provide a full proposal with additional information that is tailored to your needs.

Review Timelines and Answer Questions
This step allows us to ensure Board understands our services so that we can address any questions regarding potential next steps. We also take this time to ensure that we are working together with a detailed transition timeline that ensures we can get started on a successful path with your association. Our typical transition is about 30 – 45 days.

Go live
Once the transition is complete, a manager is assigned to your board so that we can get started working hard on your behalf to provide the services needed. Our goal is to work closely with your board so that we exceed expectations that you and the community have for our company.