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hoa resale certificate

What Is A HOA Resale Certificate? What’s It For?

Buying or selling a house within a homeowners association is not always easy. There are several moving parts involved, including having to provide a resale certificate. But, what even is an HOA resale certificate in the first place?   What Is an HOA Resale Certificate? An HOA resale certificate provides the buyer with important information…

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fidelity bond

Why Your HOA Needs To Have Fidelity Bond Coverage

Like any organization, homeowners associations are vulnerable to crime and theft. While establishing internal controls can certainly help ward off fraud, these controls are often not foolproof. This is where fidelity bond coverage comes in handy.   What Is Fidelity Bond Insurance? Simply put, a fidelity bond is an insurance policy that protects a homeowners…

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form 1099 misc

Why Do HOAs Need To File Form 1099 MISC?

Tax season is always hectic and confusing, especially if you have no experience with it. Like many other organizations, homeowners associations also need to file Form 1099-MISC, even if you are classified as a non-profit. Learn more about this important IRS form below.   What Is IRS Form 1099-MISC? Your homeowners association operates like a business…

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hoa budget during the pandemic

How To Adjust An HOA Budget During The Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has financially impaired Americans nationwide, affecting homeowners associations in the process. To avoid financial ruin, it is imperative to learn how to modify your HOA budget during the pandemic.   The Importance of Adjusting Your HOA Budget During the Pandemic When COVID-19 first came onto the scene, many thought it would run its…

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Tax deductions and HOA fees

Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible?

Tax season is always a stressful time of the year. One of the questions HOA residents commonly ask is, “Are HOA fees tax deductible?” The answer, though, is not as simple.   Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible? A homeowners association runs a community by imposing certain rules, preserving its aesthetics, and maintaining various aspects of…

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man installing Christmas lights | holiday lighting rules

Holiday Lighting Rules In Your HOA: What’s Fair?

Christmas lights have always been and always will be part of homeowners association holiday decorations. However, it’s still important to establish holiday lighting rules to maintain the aesthetics of your community. Here’s how to determine which rules are fair and which aren’t.   Why Do You Need Holiday Lighting Rules? Decorating your home with Christmas…

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umbrella insurance | hoa insurance

What Are The Most Important HOA Insurance Coverages?  

Homeowners association insurance is a costly but a worthwhile expense because it offers financial protection in cases of damages or losses within the community. However, there are still plenty of HOA boards that do not realize the importance of HOA insurance. To ensure that your community is adequately protected, here are the most important HOA…

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homeowners association dues | hoa assessment

HOA Dues vs HOA Fees vs HOA Assessment

Part of residing in a homeowners association community is having to pay regular dues and the occasional HOA assessment. But, what is an assessment fee anyway? And does it really differ from HOA dues and fees?   What Is an HOA Assessment? Many people use the terms HOA assessments and HOA dues interchangeably either out…

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partial view of businessman pointing at calculator in hand | hoa initiation fee

What Is An HOA Initiation Fee? Is Charging Homeowners Legal?

Is your homeowners association charging you an initiation fee? Are you wondering if the association even has the right to impose such a fee against you? Here is everything you need to know about an HOA initiation fee.   Understanding the Legalities of an HOA Initiation Fee Anyone would feel apprehensive about paying fees they…

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