hoa easter party

Easter is one of the many holidays your community can use to organize events and bring people together. If you’re looking for some HOA Easter party, you’ve come to the right place.


Fun HOA Easter Party Ideas for Your Community

Easter takes place on April 17 in 2022, which means it’s only a couple of weeks away. While the holiday commemorates the resurrection of Christ, to a lot of people, it’s also a day to take part in fun activities with family and friends. Homeowners associations, in particular, can plan special events for Easter as a way to instill camaraderie and a sense of belonging in residents.

Here are the best HOA Easter party ideas you can organize for your community:


1. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt | hoa easter eventsFirst and perhaps the most obvious item on the list is an Easter egg hunt. To organize your own Easter egg hunt, you will need a large space where you can hide the eggs. Ideally, the venue would be outdoors, but you can also hold it indoors if you prefer, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you do hold it outdoors, though, make sure it is a safe space where kids can roam around freely.

Next, prepare plastic eggs and stuff them with toys, candies, and stickers. Allocate about 10 to 15 eggs per child. On the day itself, hide the eggs well in advance so that no one sees where you placed them. Then, hand each participant a basket they can use to hold their collected eggs. You can take things up a notch by hiding a special egg, which corresponds to a special prize at the end of the hunt.


2. Game Day

If you’re looking for something new to play this Easter holiday, try organizing a game day. Adults and kids alike can enjoy the many games you plan for this special event. Some suggestions include:

  • Egg on a spoon race. This is where participants balance an egg on a spoon, held either by hand or using their mouth, and race to reach the end first without dropping their egg.
  • Egg relay. A twist on an old classic, this one involves participants lining up as a team, each one with a spoon in hand or in their mouth. Then, they pass on the egg from one spoon to another until it reaches the last member. Whoever does it first without breaking the egg wins.
  • Bunny hop sack race. A staple in most Easter events, this game places kids in sacks as they hop across a grassy field to be the first to reach the finish line.
  • Charades. A game for kids and adults alike, an Easter-themed charades game is a great way to channel your inner actor or actress while simultaneously getting the gears in your brain going.

Of course, no game day would be complete without snacks and beverages. When you play so many games, you’re bound to get hungry or thirsty. As such, consider setting up a snack bar with delicious treats and refreshing drinks. The association can choose to pay for these or have guests bring food and drinks to share in a potluck.


3. Decorating Party

Another fun event for kids, a decorating party encourages creativity and allows children to express themselves through art. It also gives parents a chance to spend some quality time with their kids. To ensure a successful decorating party, prepare all the materials you need beforehand. You can decorate cookies with icing and toppings, paint eggs, and decorate baskets. The options are endless!


4. Piñata Party

If you want kids to have maximum fun this Easter, why not try a piñata party? You can make the piñata in-house, though there are also many places that make them for you. Inside, you can stuff the piñata with candies, toys, and all kinds of other goodies. Then, on the day of the party, each kid can come up and take a whack at the hanging piñata until it breaks. Adult supervision, of course, goes without saying here.


5. Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch | hoa easter activitiesFor one of the HOA Easter events designed for adults, brunch is the way to go. Your association can organize this on its own dime or have guests bring brunch food to the party. If you choose to serve alcohol, make sure you place a limit so that no one has too much to drink. You can also include kids in the brunch party by setting up a table specifically made for them. This gives kids a chance to play together and adults a chance to bond with their neighbors.


6. Easter Costume Party

When it comes to HOA Easter activities, you can never go wrong with a costume party. Of course, seeing as it is Easter, everyone should come in an Easter-themed costume. Guests can come dressed as bunnies, carrots, peeps, eggs, or virtually any appropriate costume they can think of. Since the theme is Easter, you should also serve Easter-themed food and drinks. At the end of the night, people can vote for the person with the best costume to take home a special prize.


7. Gardening Day

Easter takes place during the spring season, making it a perfect time to exercise your green thumb. If you want something unconventional, organize a gardening day. This works best if you have a community garden in your association.

On this day, residents can get together and plant new seeds to grow this spring. You can have a theme, such as vegetables only or flowers only. If there are no gardening experts in your neighborhood, you can hire someone to give everyone tips and guidance.


8. Hand Out Goodie Bags

While this is not exactly a party idea, it is a good addition to any kind of party you decide to throw. Goodie bags are great because everyone gets to take home something special with them, even if they didn’t win the race or the costume contest. While you can stuff your goodie bags with almost anything, some good examples are toys, stickers, stamps, cookies, peeps, and seeds.


9. Give Back

Give Back | hoa easter partySince Easter is a largely Christian holiday, isn’t it the perfect time to show some love and compassion to those in need? There are several HOA Easter community service ideas you can put into action. For example, you can organize a charity drive. Ask residents to donate money, canned food, and clothes. Your HOA can partner with a local children’s hospital, orphanage, or shelter for this.

Another way to give back is to organize an Easter egg hunt for organizations such as Make a Wish, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, or children with disabilities. The kids will surely love it.


Enjoy Your HOA Easter Party

When it comes to Easter, there are many events your homeowners association can plan. Hopefully, these ideas can help you make your community’s Easter a fun and memorable experience for all.