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Clark Simson Miller Bill Pay

CSM utilizes the latest technology to help our staff and our board members work more efficiently. Our “QuikPay System” reduces the amount of time for payment processing by almost 60% compared to management companies that still use manual systems.

In a typical scenario, an invoice is sent by a vendor and received by the management company. The bill is then forwarded to manager’s desk or email. He or she receives the invoice and then forwards it to the board for approval. The board responds back to the manager and then the manager forwards it to the accounting department for payment.

With this type of system, the payment can be delayed for several days between each stage. If the manager overlooks the email, is absent from work, or is behind in their responses, a simple bill approval can take several weeks and result in late fees or disconnections.

CSM’s payment process greatly reduces processing time and errors in accounting while also reducing paper and making it easier for board members to review and approve their bills.

With CSM QuikPay, all invoices are automatically converted to an electronic format. The manager approves in the invoice and the board gets an instant notification that an invoice needs their approval. The board can then sign online to CSM’s Payment Portal from any device to view and approve the invoice. Once the board approves the invoice, it goes into our queue for payment. Vendors also have the option to receive their payments electronically to reduce their time for payment even more.

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