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Rochester, NY is a larger city in New York State with a population of approximately 208,046 residents. Rochester is about five hours from New York City and is closer to the border of Canada. Rochester is located on Lake Ontario and has several old industrial buildings from the former eras were many factories produced goods there. There is a large museum for George Eastman who founded Kodak. There is also a sizeable planetarium at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. There is a strong community in Rochester where residents and vendors sell specialty goods and local produce at the Rochester Public Market. Highland Park is another popular place where residents can enjoy the great outdoors. Rochester provides many professional opportunities for companies based there along with businesses that conduct commerce between the United States and Canada. For families, Rochester has wonderful historic neighborhoods that are ideal for raising a family with a strong sense of community.

Rochester, NY HOA Management

Financial Management Services

HOA Management and Self Managed Communities

HOAs are quite common all over the United States, Rochester included. Even though HOAs can cause a substantial increase in property prices, they also do require a great deal of attention to run well while keeping current residents satisfied. The amount of attention required depends on a community’s overall size and the unique tasks it requires to be managed. Neighborhoods that have hundreds of homes are constantly being monitored for potential issues including finances, residential complications, and maintenance requests. Smaller communities can function with far less observation. Typically, neighborhoods will opt to become self-managed communities in these situations. Both smaller and larger communities are not easy to manage alone, which can cause many HOAs to become disorganized or fiscally irresponsible. This is where Clark Simson Miller can be of assistance to you! Our Remote Management Services will assist you with efficiently managing your HOA regardless of its exact size.

HOA Management Solutions in Rochester, NY

Clark Simson Miller offers HOA Accounting + Services that provide the pivotal aspects of HOA Management and or Association Management that are required to make an HOA run. We specialize in handling back office operations related to HOA Bookkeeping, collections, insurance, and other services that are difficult for smaller associations to manage.

CSM has developed a fresh perspective on traditional community management. For example, our Remote Management Services allow us to assist self-managed communities all over the United States. HOAs that use our services are able to shift their focus on certain parts of their community that require further attention while we are able to manage the more cumbersome tasks. What occurs as a result is budgets are more strictly adhered to, assessments can be smaller, and the residents have an increased satisfaction with how their community is being managed.

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