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HOA Management in Olympia Washington

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HOA and Condominium Association Services We Offer

Send invoices and collect homeowner association fees
Process vendor invoices in a timely manner
Assist with preparation and filing of annual association budget
Prepare and file tax returns for the association
Coordinate with local attorney on delinquent accounts
Prepare and distribute month-end and year-end financial reports to board members

Olympia Washington: A City With Character

Olympia is the capital city of Washington. Located 60 miles south of Seattle, Olympia lies along the south end of the Puget Sound. With a population of over 51,000 people, Olympia is a small capital city with a large personality. Known as a hub for culture and entertainment, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy here.

If you love the outdoors, this is a great place for you. Everywhere you turn there is an opportunity to get outside and enjoy your surroundings. Places like Millersylvania State Park, Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area and Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge offer residents and visitors plenty of opportunities to explore the natural resources.

If you love coastal living, Olympia has you covered. With so many places to enjoy, such as Puget Sound and the surrounding lakes and rivers, there is always something to do if you want to spend the day along the waterfront. If you are looking to experience the culture this capital city offers, there is plenty to do the area around the Capitol Building.

There are lots of shopping, dining, museums and other attractions that will immerse you in the culture of Olympia Washington. If you are looking for a smaller city with a large personality, and plenty of amenities and attractions, Olympia will be a great place for you to call home.

Community Association Management in Olympia Washington

Olympia is just one of the many capital cities in the United States boasting an abundance of homeowners associations. HOAs are a symbol of economic prosperity, as homeowners who reside in such communities typically pay regular dues in exchange for perks. These perks include amenities like pools, gyms, and clubhouses, and services like trash removal and landscaping.

Behind the scenes, though, running an HOA is no walk in the park. HOAs are hard to supervise and manage due to a number of reasons. HOA leaders constantly experience stress and pressure to fulfill their roles well, all while juggling a full-time job and a family. Most of the time, these leaders sacrifice their personal lives so that the HOA can prosper.

If that situation sounds all too familiar to you, then your HOA is due for a change. Outsource your HOA management services to an Olympia community association management professional. This way, you can enjoy fluid day-to-day operations and a lot of free time, to boot.

Olympia Washington Community Association Management Services

Clark Simson Miller is an Olympia Washington HOA management company specializing in a bevy of services. We have years of experience in the industry, along with a team of highly skilled experts. With our help, your HOA no longer has to worry about accomplishing daily mundane tasks. We can take care of those for you while you focus on the future.

Our services include homeowner communication, back-office operations, collection, and insurance. We also provide HOAs with financial management help. Here at CSM, we know how important it is for HOA to be financially successful. As such, we’ve designed a package customizable to adapt to your specific needs. Our cost-effective remote management strategy, which allows you to save money on our services, is just the cherry on top.

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