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Montgomery, AL is one of richest cities in the country when it comes to history. Montgomery was the site for some of the biggest events during the Civil Rights Movement and the city’s rich past has led to the creation of many local museums and events designed to preserve that history. Residents of Montgomery love the warm Southern winters and the proximity to beautiful white sand beaches of Gulf Shores which is just a few hours drive away. Montgomery is a city where the past is all around but it blends with a lot of modern upgrades. The downtown area and the Riverwalk have had major upgrades done in the last few years and many young professionals flock to the Capital Oyster Bar to take in the famous city views from the restaurant’s gleaming windows that look out over downtown. But there’s plenty for families to do also like hanging out at the famous Montgomery Zoo. A thriving tech community, growing arts community, and the proximity to Maxwell Air Force Base make Montgomery a fantastic place to live.

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According to statistics more than 20% of all homeowners in the US live in an HOA community and that number is increasing. Planned communities and HOA communities are very popular with professionals and families who are looking for neighborhoods that offer a great quality of life as well as amenities that are hard to find elsewhere like community pools, walking and biking trails, green space, and sidewalks. However, all those amenities mean that the HOA and community management members need to spend a lot of time maintaining those amenities and running the day to day operations of the HOA. Time spent dealing with the daily tasks means that the HOA board doesn’t get to focus on things like growth or large-scale maintenance. Help is available though.

Montgomery, AL Association Management Solutions

The management professionals at Clark Simson Miller can lift the burden of day to day management from the HOA board members and association management so that the board can focus on leading the community forward, planning for new and updated amenities, and continuing to attract new buyers to the community. Custom management solutions mean that dedicated professionals can handle the flow of tasks like getting routine maintenance done, taking care of insurance, collections, and answering the questions that residents have about covenants or restrictions.

The highly trained logistics experts at Clark Simpson Miller have developed a unique management system called Remote Management that allows professionals who know how to organize and manage a community to do those small daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so that the HOA management can focus their efforts on keeping the community growing and thriving. While the CSM team is making sure that maintenance gets done or processing payments the HOA board can be looking at expansion and putting new growth plans into action.

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