Michigan HOA Accounting

Michigan isn’t a state for the faint of heart. But it’s worth it. It’s cold most of the year and it snows most of the year but you will see some of the most spectacular autumn foliage anywhere in the country every year too. And the summers will be lovely. Hunting is a way of life in Michigan so if you like to hunt this is the state for you. And you should be comfortable on a snowmobile because it’s a popular winter sport. In in the upper part of the state, called the UP or Upper Peninsula, you may need one to get around in the winter. There are a lot of great small towns and cities in Michigan. The cost of living is well below the national average and real estate prices are fantastic. You can buy stunning homes for not a lot of money. There’s a lot to love about Michigan so as long as you don’t mind cold and snow this is a wonderful place to live.

Michigan HOA Accounting

HOA Accounting and Self Managed Communities

HOAs and self-managed communities are found almost everywhere in Michigan. Homebuyers prefer self-managed communities because they like living in safe neighborhoods with good sidewalks, street lights, and other amenities. Homebuyers also like living in self-managed neighborhoods because they get extras like landscaping and snow removal as part of the fee that they pay to live there. In Michigan, reliable snow removal is a big deal. There are great perks for homeowners who live in HOA neighborhoods, but maintaining those perks and keeping the community running effectively is a lot of work. Some HOAs, especially small ones, find it really challenging to keep up with all the work that has to be done to keep a community growing and thriving. Luckily Clark Simpson Miller has just what HOAs need to make it easier to keep the community running. Association management solutions make it easier to run a community.

HOA Accounting Solutions in Michigan

Clark Simson Miller offers community association management solutions to HOAs both big and small. Remote management services can be scaled to fit the size of any HOA and any community. HOA boards can dump the burdens of daily management onto a CSM management team and offload all that stress. Our talented and well-trained professionals take a proactive management approach and will handle tasks like answering homeowner questions and concerns, making sure vendors get paid, scheduling maintenance for the amenities like a pool, gyms, and streets and they will coordinate services like trash pickup. They can also handle notifications, insurance, collections, billing, and more.

CSM has developed this innovate suite of remote management services to help HOA boards get out from under the stress of daily community management so they spend their time managing the community finances and planning for the future.

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