Illinois HOA Accounting

Illinois is a great place to live, and not just because it is home to one of the top cities in the world. Sure, Chicago is a fantastic place to live but there’s a lot more to love about Illinois. The University of Illinois system has many high rated universities and colleges spread out throughout some of the prettiest towns in Illinois. Illinois gets four distinct seasons so you can enjoy seasonal fun like going for a drive to see the changing colors of the leaves, sledding, and skiing in winter, and playing sports, hiking, and boating all summer. Illinois has a lost cost of living and outside of the Chicago metro area homes are very affordable. This midwestern state is a fantastic place to raise your kids and you can always count on a helping hand from your neighbors when you live in Illinois.

Illinois HOA Accounting

HOA Accounting and Self Managed Communities

HOAs are easy to find in Illinois. Homebuyers look for self-managed neighborhoods when they are buying a home because they like the extras that they get when buying a home in a self-managed community like higher property values, included services, and great amenities. People also like the feeling of community that comes along with living in an HOA neighborhood. But managing a neighborhood and making sure that the neighborhood amenities are maintained and that services run smoothly can be a big job. HOA boards can be overwhelmed by how much work it really takes to run a community. Clark Simpson Miller is here to help. A management solutions team from CSM can help relieve the day to day pressure on the HOA board.

 HOA Accounting Solutions in Illinois

Clark Simson Miller makes community management easy to association management solutions designed to fit the individual needs of every self-managed community. It doesn’t matter whether the HOA community is large or small our remote management services teams can handle the mundane tasks that take up huge amounts of time like scheduling services and maintenance, paying vendors, making insurance payments, collections, notifications, and billing. Our team members can also handle homeowner questions and problems.

CSM created this unique suite of services after talking with HOA board members and learning how much help they need with the logistics of running a neighborhood. With a Clark Simpson Miller team running the back end operations of the community the HOA board is free to focus on big maintenance projects and other proactive projects that will keep assessments low and keep budgets form changing which will make the homeowners very happy.

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