Indianapolis HOA Management Company

Clark Simson Miller provides homeowners’ association management services to small and large communities within the Indianapolis area.  Our remote management team offers our wide range of financial and accounting services to Boone, Marion, Hamilton, and Hancock Counties in addition to neighboring counties throughout the area.  

At CSM, we manage our communities in such a way that mixes professionalism with integrity – two things your community wants from a management firm.  We cater to the needs of self-managed associations as well as to the needs of larger homeowners or condo associations.  

Our qualified team of professionals has over 100 years of industry level experience and through that experience alone, we know that we can custom fit a solution for you.  For communities that have the need for it, we offer collections services that can also include referrals for legal action when required.  We set meetings for the board, organize newsletters, and provide an annual budget.  In addition, the services we provide also include creating invoices, taking care of 1099 forms, handling vendor issues, and the collection of dues from residents through an online portal.

If your association is in need of a professional website, our graphic and web designers will work toward a solution that meets your needs.  Our dedicated professionals will see that your rules and regulations are enforced as well as handle payroll functions.  If you want to reduce the cost association with management, you can count on Clark Simson Miller to exceed your expectations in every way.  


Financial Management Services

HOA Accounting Services for Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, our homeowners’ association management team uses proprietary technology to create seamless user experiences for all of our clients.  Our full service accounting functions include billing, bookkeeping functions, and full integration with your local bank’s lockbox system in order to offer an online payment system of which residents can utilize to pay their dues.

At Clark Simson Miller, we pay your utility bills as well as your vendors.  If you wish to take the focus off of the members of the board with regard to financial and accounting matters, we are glad to offer our guidance and support.  Because we have helped so many companies make the transition to a full service accounting firm, it has become a smooth and simple process.  We will walk you through each of the steps so that your Indianapolis HOA accounting services are met with professionalism and integrity.  

Your board members can focus on their targeted goals while we maintain seamless control over the financial aspects of your community.  We have proven time and again that our clients can continue to count on us when it comes to creating solutions that fit their needs.  Our remote management services are designed to lessen the burden of hiring extra staff and keeping overall costs down.  At Clark Simson Miller, we know that every homeowners’ and condo association is different, so we are happy to create solutions for each, no matter the size of your community.  Common interest developments across the country also look to CSM for our expertise because we care enough to provide a service that you can count on, time and time again.