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Dover, DE is a lovely city where you can experience all four seasons and enjoy a nice warm summer. It’s the capital of the state and has a large military presence because Dover Air Force Base is located here. Military families love setting in Dover because it provides the culture and industry that you’d find in a big city but it still has the feel of a smaller city. Summers are hot and humid but you will be able to see the leaves change in the fall and enjoy a little bit of snow each winter. Dover sits directly on the St. Johns River so there is always plenty of kayaking, fishing, and hiking that you can do for fun. Dover AFB also hosts many activities and events both for military families and civilian families on base.

Dover, DE HOA Management

Financial Management Services

HOA Management and Self Managed Communities

HOAs are easy to find throughout Dover and the surrounding areas. Self managed communities are becoming more popular throughout the US. They are especially popular in military heavy areas because for military families the conveniences offered by an HOA community make life easier. Self managed communities provide the services and amenities that homeowners want like trash and recycling services, community pools and gyms, and maintaining hiking and biking trails within the community. The services and amenities offered by the HOA require a lot of time and effort to coordinate though. In order for the HOA to have the time it needs to deal with other community business many HOAs turn to community management services. Community management services, like those from Clark Simpson Miller, give the HOA the logistical help it needs.

HOA Management Solutions in Dover, DE

Clark Simson Miller community association management services are the support system that will make the community management a breeze for the HOA. Experienced professionals from CSM can take over the tasks that are weighing the HOA down and taking up all of the HOA’s time. Some of the tasks that our management teams can handle for an HOA include things like coordinating maintenance and service throughout the community, making sure service related bills get paid, handling notification of the residents, taking on the billing, collections, and insurance for the community, and working one on one with homeowners to answer their questions or help them with problems.

Clark Simpson Miller has created a new suite of services that can be done remotely to keep overhead costs low. Remote Management Services from CSM allow HOAs for self managed communities to focus on the financial health of the community and to do what they need to do to keep the community growing and thriving. Management services give homeowners the kind of one on one attention they expect and keep the community running smoothly. Remote management services will provide better service at a lower overhead cost so that HOAs can work on keeping assessments low but the quality of life high in the community.

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