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HOA Management in Des Moines, IA

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HOA and Condominium Association Services We Offer

Send invoices and collect homeowner association fees
Process vendor invoices in a timely manner
Assist with preparation and filing of annual association budget
Prepare and file tax returns for the association
Coordinate with local attorney on delinquent accounts
Prepare and distribute month-end and year-end financial reports to board members

Work Hard, Play Hard in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and has the highest population in the state. Properly named after the river it borders, Des Moines is home to over 217,000 residents. With its booming economy and being a major headquarters for multiple insurance and finance companies, Des Moines is a great place to live.

Interested in politics? As it’s often the first step on a presidential campaign staircase, it’s a great place to get a good look at how political party’s setup and initialize their campaigns.

Aside from work, there are some great ways to have fun and unwind in this city. Festivals, food, shopping, history, museums, music—Des Moines literally has it all. Looking for a theatre-play fix? Check the Des Moines Civic Center or the Des Moines Community Playhouse for a variety of wonderful plays and performances. View splendid art galleries at the Des Moines Arts Festival and enjoy lovely musical performances at the Des Moines Symphony.

At night, head downtown and enjoy the dozens of bars, breweries, restaurants, and live music events. If you believe in working hard and playing hard, Des Moines is the perfect place for you!

Community Association Management in Des Moines, IA

The prevalence of homeowners associations in the United States has not gone unnoticed. Many continue to wonder why HOAs are so popular in the first place. Simply put, the amenities and services HOAs provide make HOA living attractive. And, as curb appeal goes up, so do property values.

While HOAs undoubtedly have a positive influence on properties, they can be bothersome to manage. In fact, not everyone has the skill or experience to properly run an HOA. Because of the tasks involved, many refuse to volunteer for leadership roles. But, Des Moines HOAs need not worry.

There is a clear solution to common HOA problems: a Des Moines, IA HOA management company. One such company is none other than Clark Simson Miller.

Des Moines, IA Community Association Management Solutions

Clark Simson Miller offers Remote Management Services designed to handle all the basic tasks of an HOA. We take care of the nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to. Our services include accounting, bookkeeping, collection, insurance, and homeowner communication, among others. With us by your side, you can pay more attention to future and growth planning for your community.

We are committed to providing HOAs across the nation with the best services in the business. Contact us at 865.315.7505 or contact us online for Des Moines, IA HOA management!