9 Benefits When You Collect HOA Fees Online

Many homeowners associations are still using traditional check payment methods. Not only does this take up a lot of time and slow down your cash flow, but it can also cause inconvenience to your residents. With the advent of new technologies such as the internet, you can easily start collecting HOA fees online. While integrating an electronic payment system might be costly, the benefits outweigh the costs. Here are 9 benefits you can get when you collect HOA fees online.


9 Reasons to Collect HOA Fees Online


1. Faster Payments

woman paying with credit card online | how to pay hoa fees onlineHOA online payments will make the process of collecting association dues faster. Payments are usually processed immediately. This is a great benefit to HOAs because checks can take many days to clear, especially if they are received just before a weekend holiday. Collecting HOA fees online benefits residents as well. They will know when their payments happen so that they do not accidentally miscalculate their finances while waiting for a check to be processed.


2. Fewer Late Payments

Homeowners’ busy schedules is one of the most common reasons for late payments. Some residents may not have enough time to bring the check to the HOA office or send it via mail. With the ability to pay HOA dues online, residents will only need to spare a few minutes of their time to accomplish this task. You’ll be able to reduce late payments each billing cycle, which can be greatly beneficial to the association’s cash flows.


3. Ease of Payments for Residents

Residents want to quickly pay their HOA fees with ease. If you start collecting HOA fees online, you eliminate the additional waiting time involved in mailing and processing checks. Traditional payment methods can also become complicated for the association and residents’ finances.


4. More Efficient Payment Tracking

When you collect HOA fees online, it also becomes easier to track all the payments. You will gain access to an online database that you can use to keep track of which residents have paid and which residents have not. For this reason, HOAs will have far less work related to keeping track of residents’ payment history. You can easily determine which residents to remind about overdue HOA fees.


5. Organized Bookkeeping System for Your HOA

File Folder Labeled as Bookkeeping in Multicolor Archive | hoa fees payment onlineOne of the great benefits of HOA fees payment online is that you will be able to classify these transactions into a system. HOAs will be able to manage their cash flow better and even plan out better utilization of their reserve funds. For example, you can swiftly transfer a percentage of the association’s dues to your reserve account.

HOAs can also organize a bookkeeping system that shows the trends of their expenses. This can help you anticipate what kind of cash flow is needed to keep the HOA running efficiently. When it’s time for taxes, the online system will contain all the information you need to increase the accuracy of annual tax returns.  


6. Quick Payment Confirmation for Residents

successful online payment confirmation sign appears on smartphone screen | pay hoa dues onlineWaiting for a check to clear can take several days. However, when you collect HOA fees online, residents can pay with their credit or debit cards. They will know immediately if their payments have been processed. This is valuable for residents because it can help them manage their finances. Also, they will begin to view HOA fees as a part of their typical bills rather than a massive inconvenience each month. Historically, residents dread writing checks. If this element can be eliminated for HOAs, it will have a substantial impact on residents’ overall satisfaction.


7. SMS or Email Notifications of Reminders and Payment Status

Certain online payment systems can send SMS or email reminders to their residents. The ability to send electronic notifications is valuable because it can also reduce the number of late payments. Residents will be reminded if the due date is near. There’s also a clear indicator when text or email notifications have been sent. This can lessen misunderstandings between residents and the HOA.


8. A Tech-Savvy Community

HOAs that embrace online payment methods can project to the world that they are a tech-savvy community. You’ll become much more appealing to potential homeowners. They will see that your HOA actually makes an effort to better the lives of its residents. You keep up with the latest technologies and find a way to integrate them into your association. HOAs that cannot adapt will have a hard time attracting new residents.


9. Saves Time and Money

Collecting HOA fees online can also save valuable time and money — for both the HOA and its residents. HOAs spend a lot of time counting cash, processing checks, and going to the bank. This time can be better used for more important community matters. So, with an online payment system, you can become more effective in managing the HOA. Residents can also save money on postage and stamps. Since paying HOA fees is now easier, they are also less likely to spend more on late fees or fines.


Are Online Payments Difficult to Set Up?

hands holding credit card and using laptop | hoa online paymentsSome HOAs still stick with traditional check payments because they think an online system is costly and time-consuming to set up. Establishing a professional website with payment capabilities does take a little bit of time; however, once the site is set up, your association will be able to experience the benefits of their investment immediately and in longer terms.

If you need some assistance, it’s always helpful to reach out to an HOA management company. Just make sure to carefully consider your options. Electronic systems can be promising, but if you settle for the wrong company or solutions, you’ll end up with major issues in the future.


Collecting HOA Fees Online Can Lead to Better Community Management

As you can see, there are many benefits to collecting HOA fees online. With increased on-time payments and a more efficient system, HOAs will be able to manage their capital far better. It will also be easier to allocate your finances appropriately. This will have a positive impact on the community. You can improve how residents perceive the effectiveness of the HOA. Apart from that, an online payment system also has the potential to impact other essential parts of your community. If you need more information on how to collect HOA fees online, don’t hesitate to give us a call.