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Cambridge, MA is the fifth largest city in the state with over 105,000 residents. The city is widely known for its educational institutions, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As the location of such prestigious institutions, Cambridge is a thriving city with a diverse culture, plenty of career opportunities, and plenty of things to do. If you need an art or history fix, the city boasts a handful of different art museums including the Harvard Art Museum, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the MIT museum. There is also a large collection of public art scattered about the city. If you’re in the mood for some live music, ranging from classical performances to modern day bands, check out some of the city’s excellent music venues including The Middle East and The Plough and the Stars. Cambridge is heavily college focused, but it literally has something for everyone.

Cambridge, MA HOA Management

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HOA Management and Self Managed Communities

In cities throughout the US, including Cambridge, HOAs are becoming more common. Not only does an HOA keep a residential community running smoothly, they increase the value of surrounding properties. If you’re running an HOA, you know that a mountain of tasks and requests can quickly pile up, leaving you exhausted and grasping for more time. This where Clark Simson Miller can help! We handle the exhausting part of running an HOA, leaving you with the time and focus you need to help your community. We’ll make your community self managed with our extensive HOA Management Services.

HOA Management Solutions in Cambridge, MA

CSM provides Association Management solutions that take the headache out of running an HOA. We take care of accounting, bookkeeping, collections, and insurance—all while providing stellar customer service.

Clark Simson Miller offers a hybrid approach to community management.  Our Remote Management Service allows you to self-manage your community with the unwavering support of a professional company. Our comprehensive HOA services save associations thousands of dollars every year and reduce overall workload. Get your HOA running smoothly and efficiently today with Clark Simson Miller.

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