Need Help Logging into Vine?

How to Submit an ARC Request Steps:

  1. Prepare: Log into Vine. Review your Governing Documents. Ensure you have all of your supporting Documentation
  2. Submit your Request: Issues & Requests Dashboard ->Submit New -> ARC Request -> Select Request Type, fill out the form in full. Agree to disclaimers and fees, press submit
  3. Wait for Final Decision

ARC Request Statuses:

Pending – Your request has been submitted to our team at Cedar, we will review it for completeness before sending it along to the ARC Committee

With Committee – The ARC Committee is reviewing and voting on your ARC Request

Denied – Your ARC Request is not approved

Conditional – Your ARC Request is approved as long as the conditions are followed (such as a timeframe or a specific color is used)

Approved – Your ARC Request is approved as submitted

Closed – Your request is unable to be reviewed because it didn’t have all of the supporting documentation needed or the request is clearly not allowed in the governing documents.

Click Here to Submit an ARC Request Manually