Alaska HOA Accounting

Alaska isn’t for everyone, but outdoor lovers won’t find a more beautiful place to live. Sure, the climate can be a challenge to get used to. But the Northern Lights, stunning expanses of gorgeous wilderness, and the opportunities to hunt, fish, hike, and live in close contact with some of the most stunning natural landscape in the world is worth the challenges. Alaska also has a huge military population and some booming industries that make good jobs plentiful. The Permanent Fund Dividend Program will even pay you to live in Alaska. All full-time residents in the state receive a stipend of around $1000 from the Permanent Fund’s investments from the previous year. With so many benefits it’s no wonder why more and more people are making Alaska home.

Alaska HOA Accounting

HOA Accounting and Self Managed Communities

HOAs are becoming more common in Alaska. People who are settling in the cities and suburbs in Alaska want the amenities and benefits that come with buying a home in a self-managed community. Homebuyers like that living in an HOA neighborhood means that things like snow removal and trash will get taken care of and they like that their home values will be higher because they live in a self-managed community.

However, for smaller HOAs it can be a lot of work to take care of the community as it grows. Some smaller HOAs can start to struggle under the weight of all those tasks that must be done just to keep the community going. And larger HOAs might lack the infrastructure to keep the community running smoothly. Management solutions from Clark Simpson Miller can make it easier for any size HOA too manage those day to day tasks and keep the community running smoothly.

 HOA Accounting Solutions in Alaska

Clark Simson Miller gives HOAs the time they need to focus on big-picture tasks by giving them the logistical support they need to take care of those small tasks that must get done regularly. When a detail-oriented management team from CSM is handling things like insurance, billing, collections, homeowner issues and questions, scheduling maintenance and arranging for services like trash and snow removal, making sure vendors get paid, and making sure that homeowners are happy the HOA can do more important things like managing the community finances and planning long term maintenance projects

CSM has created a brand new approach to community management by using modern technology to develop remote management services. The full suite of remote management services is designed to be a customized management solution tailored to fit the needs of any size HOA. Self-managed communities thrive when the HOA has the logistical support of a Clark Simpson Miller team and has the time it needs to focus on making assessments smaller and making budgets fixed so that homeowners are happy with the community management.

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