What Is an HOA?

What Is An HOA?A homeowners association or HOA is an organization overlooking neighborhoods within a community or subdivision. The association creates and implements rules for the residents. People who purchase property within the jurisdiction of the HOA will automatically become members. Like any other organization, there is a monthly fee for homeowners associations. Fees range widely depending on the services of the association and the location of your property.


HOA Rules And Regulations

HOAs are tasked with enforcing rules and regulations on property owners. For example, many associations restrict what color a house can be, or require you to cut your lawn after it grows a certain length. Some associations are pretty relaxed about their bylaws, but some can be quite strict. But these decisions are made for the sake of the community.

A homeowners association is usually formed to enforce property rules and regulations within their jurisdiction. It is run by and made up of the community’s residents, so it is a very grassroots organization. Plus, membership is almost always required to buy a home within the community. So, most likely all property owners under the association’s jurisdiction will be members of the association.

A homeowners association is composed of a board of directors, who are elected to enforce and manage the HOA’s regulations and bylaws. It usually lays out its rules in a document referred to as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which set ground rules that all property owners must follow. The most common rules are targeted toward regulating structural restrictions. The main goal of HOA is to keep the property values high and the community clean, so any property owner who violated the community bylaws will be served a hefty fine.

The document containing the CC&Rs usually summarizes the fees or punishments for homeowners who are found to violate the community bylaws. Potential actions that the HOA could take include levying fees, mandatory compliance or in some extreme cases, legal action.


Homeowners Association Highlights You Should Know

  • The homeowners association creates and enforces bylaws and guidelines for the residents within its jurisdiction. The regulations that they put in place apply to every homeowner and property in their jurisdiction.
  • Most HOAs require mandatory membership to be able to live in their community.
  • The association is run by a board of directors, who have the right to collect monthly or annual fees for community maintenance and improvement.
  • HOA’s can levy fees on non-compliant homeowners. In extreme cases, liens or lawsuits may be necessary.


Does Your HOA need a Management Company?

Your HOA is no doubt a great asset for your community, as long as it is run smoothly. If your association needs a professional management team to help you run your HOA, give CSM a look. We are a full-service HOA management company that offers a wide range of management services, such as homeowner communication, collections, back-office services, and more. To learn more about how CSM can improve your community, contact us online, or give us a call at (865) 315-7505.