HOA Management

The decision to hire an HOA management company is a significant choice that can

depend on several different factors. Some associations can continue running efficiently

through their volunteer board members while others need a manager to keep operations

running smoothly and free up time for other tasks. Which side does your community fit

into? If you’re not sure, here’s a guide to help:


Reasons to Hire an HOA Manager

You might need to hire a professional if these seem familiar to your association’s


Your HOA has many properties, amenities, and buildings to manage.

You don’t have many homeowners who are willing or able to provide volunteer help to

the association.

You could benefit from discounts for insurance or other service providers and

contractors, which some management companies will offer with their own services.


Running an HOA Without a Manager

hoa managementIf your association doesn’t have any of the problems mentioned above, you might be

okay without hiring a manager to help. You’ll want to be sure you have the resources to

fulfill your needs without spending money on a management company.

For example, you’ll need to be able to recruit homeowner volunteers and have

committee and board members who are skilled in crucial areas like billing, operations,

finance, law, and vendor management.


Splitting the Difference

If your HOA seems to fit somewhere in the middle, you can utilize a mixture of HOA

management services and in-house volunteer help. You might choose to have certain

duties remain with board members, such as handling communication and complaints

with homeowners or managing contractors, while you hire out an HOA management

accounting firm for dealing with audits, billing, and deposits.

No matter the direction you decide to take for HOA management in your community, it’s

important to make sure you don’t allow the management company to have complete

and total control. Your board of directors should still be regularly giving direction to

whoever is helping to run the association.